Saturday, 14 July 2012

Guess the numbers

You need to guess 3 natural numbers x, y, z. You can be provided with two weighted average sums (i.e) ax+by+cz with any coefficients a,b,c (i.e.) you give any a,b,c i ll provide you with ax+by+cz, however this freedom is only allowed twice.

This question is very similar to the question "Guess the polynomial"

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  1. 1st choice a=b=c=1 to get their sum s = x+y+z .... then use s as base (valid as s>x,y,z) and get the decimal representation of (xyz) base s ... that is 2nd choice is a=s^2, b=s, c=1 ..... then extract xyz from the decimal representation to base s (same process as finding binary no, divide by s and take the remainders)....