Thursday, 7 February 2013

Descending down a building

You need to descend down a 200m building but you only have a 150m long rope. There is a hinge present at  the top and also at the 100m level of the building. How will you descend down?

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  1. This required a bit of an out of box thinking
    Firstly, one need to cut the rope into 2 pieces, one 50m and another 100m long.
    Now, Tie the 50m rope on the hinge and descend down 50m.
    At the 50m level, make a loop with the 50m rope. This loop could function as a hinge at the 50m level
    Now, since it is a loop, the 100m rope rather than being hinged could be used as a rope over a pulley. With this you could descend down another 50m and at 100m level you would have the entire 100m rope as well
    Finally at the 100m level, you could use the 100m rope and the hinge to descend down the building